THE WISDOM Lounge @ Suvarnabhumi Airport is the first and the only flag-ship class lounge, operated by Kasikorn Thai Bank. Exclusively deliver the hi-end traveling experience for the wisdom customers.

Location :
• 3rd floor, Concourse A, Accessible for international passengers only

The lounge consists of 3 different areas :
- Lobby Area: reception zone for the wisdom customers
- Personal Pod: reserved internet and business area for the wisdom customers
- Relaxing Area: rest area for reading, relaxing with food and drink service, including display area for Phufah products and other business alliance.

• Terms and conditions
For the wisdom primary cardholders, international boarding pass required prior to enter the lounge. For the wisdom secondary cardholders, you must prepare additional priority pass card in order to use the lounge.

• An accompany is allowed to use the lounge. In case there are more than one accompany. The cardholder required to spend 12,000 points per one additional person. For other types od K Bank credit cards (exclude Bangkok Hospital joint credit card) that stated the same name with the wisdom cardholder, you need 15,000 points to grant access for another person. Children younger thab 4 years old are free to enter without spending any points.

• You are allowed to use the lounge 2.30 Hrs. a time. If you wish to stay longer, the points must be charged from you cards (12,000 / 15,000 points depends on the type of your card).

The right to use the lounge cannot be changed into cash.