Wifi internet card 250 baht/60 minutes available

1. Main Terminal Building Before Passport control area
  • 2nd floor: News & Books (near Entrance 3 of the arrival hall)
  • 3rd floor : Duty Free Shop (opposite the Miracle Food Village between Naiin Bookstore and Boots Pharmacy)
  • 4th floor : CAT Internet Service Shop (next to post office)
2. Main Terminal Building behind Passport Control Area 2nd floor :
  • Duty Free shop (Concourse A in Domestic Zone near food court)
  • CAT Internet Service Shop (Concourse A, Domestic Zone)
  • CAT Internet Service Shop (Concourse G) 4th Floor:
  • Connect Shop (Concourse E, Concourse C)
  • Duty Free Shop (Watch & Sunglasses) (BW15)
  • Electronic Shop(next to the TMB Exchange Counter)
  • Tax Free Shop (TE3)
  • Whittard (Concourse F), Louis Tavern (Concourse G)
  • Starbucks Coffee Shop (Concourse B, Spawn (Concourse B)
  • Coffee World (Concourse B,F)