Anyone importing, exporting, or bringing in transit, plants, animals, aquatic animals, and wildlife including their carcasses and products, in and out of the Kingdom of Thailand, must have a permit and must declare them to the authorities concerned. The violator shall be liable for fines, imprisonment, or both. Should there be any query, please contact respective plant, or animal quarantine inspector or CITES officer.

Locations : At Custom checkpoint, Exit C. International arrival hall, 2nd floor.

Contact : 02-134-7031-2 

1. The animals must be aged at least 4 months and must be vaccinated against rabies at 30 days before the departure; other vaccinations are voluntary.
2. Prior to export, the originals as well as photocopies of
     • Vaccination certificate (Vaccination certificate must have name and address of vet clinic or pet hospital, Name and Batch no. of vaccine, Signature, Full name and License No. of veterinarian.
     • Passport or identification of owner with an application request (From Ro 1/1) shall be submitted well in advance at.Suvarnabhumi Airport Animal Quarantine Station Free Zone Area, CE-1 Building 1st Fl.
     Tel/ Fax. 0-2134-7031-2/ 0-2134-3640
     Open 08:30a.m. - 16:30p.m. Closed Saturday - Sunday and holidays
3. Once the animals have been clean and found to be healthy, free from sign of any infectious and contagious disease, including extoparasitism, at the time of export and fit to travel, the animals to be exported must be inspected for any health conditions, within the last few days immediately before export, by a veterivary officer at the Animal Quarantine Station.The export license and health certificate shall be issued and collected after the inspection,as stipulated under Section 31 and 32 of the Animal Epidemics Act B.E. 2499 (1958)