Locations : At Baggage Claim Row 7. International arrival hall, 2nd floor.

Plants are prohibited :
     Passengers are not allowed to bring any agricultural items indicated below. Any person in violation shall be fined or imprisoned, or both. All agricultural items which are not allowed to be brought into Thailand shall be confiscated and destroyed without reimbursement.

1. All fresh fruits e.g. kiwi, orange, lime, lemon, grapefruit, persimmon, strawberry, apple, banana, papaya, cherry, plum, peach,pear, nectarine, grape, papaya, etc.

2. Propagating materials (seed, cutting etc.) e.g. orange, pineapple, tea, papaya, coconut, oil palm, cassava, cocoa, corn, coffee, cotton, rice, para rubber, nuts, etc.

3. Others e.g. soil, organic fertilizer, agricultural micro-organisms, animal pests of plant, earthworms, insects, mites, nematodes, snails, slugs, weeds, parasites or predators.