Liquid to be carried on board :
        Liquids, gels and sprays falling under these regulations are drinking water, beverage, cream, lotion, oil, spray, perfume, hair gel, toothpaste and deodorant.

1. Every type of liquid, gel and spray must be in a container size not over 100 ml. Any containers that are over 100 ml in volume are not allowed on board.

2. All containers must be put together in a clear plastic bag which can be sealed and the whole amount contained must not exceed 1 liter (1,000 ml).

3. Liquid, gel and spray that are over 100 ml must be loaded at check-in counter and go through check–in procedures.

4. Liquid that is waived under this regulations is mild and baby food in a proper amount as well as medicine with clear prescription.

5. Liquid, gel and spray purchased from duty free shop at the Airport must remain in the clear plastic bag without any traces of opening.Evidence of the purchase date being the same date as the date of travel must be declared to officials at the security checkpoints.

        However, regulations regarding carrying liquids on board may vary in each country. Passengers should ask for information from their airlines prior to purchasing.