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Suvarnabhumi Airport

Gateway to International Suvarnabhumi Airport (TAT) is Thailand's main airport and plays a strategic role as a “gateway to international or International Gateway to welcome the visit of travelers entering and leaving Thailand and passing through countries around the world with the best service with a unique smile of Thai people that will make a lasting impression.

Address : No. 999, Moo 1, Nong Prue Sub-district, Bang Phli District, Samut Prakan Province
Area : 22,000 rais
Runway : 2 runways
Apron : 887,833 square metres
Aircraft Parking Bay : 120 Contact Gates: 51 Remote Parkings: 69
Passenger Terminal
Passenger Terminal : 1 passenger terminal (a single huge terminal serving both domestic and international passengers) and 7 concourses with approximate 563,000 square metres of space
Service Hour : 24-hour service
Contact : Tel. +662-132-1888, 1722


Suvarnabhumi Airport is located on a land of 22,000 rais in Samut Prakan Province, where is approximately 31 kilometers east of Bangkok. It is Thailand's biggest airport and the 3" largest airport of the world. Suvarnabhumi Airport was opened for commercial services on 28 September, 2006. Itwas designed to beamodernairport equipped with advanced technology systems to provide passengers with excellent services in all aspects. The terminal building includes 7 storeys, whereas a 2-storey basement is the arrival hall and the 4h floor is a departure hall. Passenger waiting areas, meeting points, shops, checkpoints and counter services are available on the 3d floor. 

In 2017, Suvarnabhumi Airport accommodated 60.8 million passengers including international and domestic passengers of 49.5 million and 11.3 million, respectively. The international passengers passing through Suvarnabhumi Airport from the top 5countries include passengers from China, South Korea, Japan, India and Malaysia. Presently, Suvarnabhumi Airport is one connecting point among regional gateways. Its maximum capacity per hour is 76 flights.

Connecting to destinations in 64 countries worldwide, there were 127 airlines providing flights for 158 routes in the summer 2017 (26 March - 28 October 2560) and 126 airlines providing 165 routes in the winter (29 October - 24 March, 2018). 

Over the past 11 vears, Suvarnabhumi Airport had been a leading airport in the ASEAN region and the international gateway. To enhance its quality and standards, Suvarnabhumi Airport; the pride of Thailand, would be developed continually.

Suvarnabhumi Airport Development Project Phase 2 

Due to an aviation industry's continued growth, the number of passengers passing through Suvarnabhumi Airport has increased continually in every year. Thus, to improve the airport's capability and efficiency from 45 million passengers per year to 60 million passengers per year, AOT is carrying out Suvarnabhumi Airport Development Project Phase 2. The project includes the constructing of a midfield satellite terminal building 1 with total spaces of 216,000 square metres, the aprons, a south tunnel extension, an automated people mover system, extending the existing passenger terminal from its eastern wing to provide the additional spaces of 60,000 square metres, constructing of a new airline office building and car parking lots at the south as well as the utility system. The project has been constructed since 2016 and will be completed entirely in 2020.