10 Countries Worth Visiting for Thais Without Visa Requirements in 2024
December 19, 2023

If you often travel within your own country, consider changing the scenery by exploring different countries. Not only will you experience a different atmosphere from your home, but you'll also encounter new and unfamiliar travel experiences. We recommend 10 international trips that you can take without needing a visa in 2024.


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Explore these countries and make the most of your visa-free travel in 2024!


  • Laomei Green Reef: A fascinating formation of green-colored rocks shaped strangely, created by the erosion of Laomei rocks. The resulting images are exceptionally beautiful.

  • Taipei 101: The landmark skyscraper in Taiwan, the tallest in the country. Every December 31st, there is a fireworks display to welcome the New Year.

  • Jiufen: An ancient village with distinctive characteristics, so beautiful that it has been featured as a backdrop in several popular cartoons.

  • Sun Moon Lake: The largest lake in Taiwan, resembling the shape of the sun when viewed from the north and the moon when viewed from the south.

  • Ximending: A shopping district with a vibe similar to Harajuku, Tokyo. It is a fashion hub in Taiwan that shopping enthusiasts should not miss.

  • Tamsui Fisherman’s Wharf: A popular tourist spot for strolling and enjoying the view. Visitors often come here to walk along the waterfront, ride bicycles, and relish the pleasant evening atmosphere.



  • Machu Picchu: An ancient Incan archaeological site located on the highest peak of the Andes, and it has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

  • Cusco: A tourist city with the original charm, it is the most significant cultural hub of the indigenous Quechua people. It serves as a gateway to Machu Picchu, and it has been acknowledged as one of the most beautiful train routes in the world.

  • Ausangate Rainbow Mountains: Beautiful rainbow-colored mountains created by the layering of mineral deposits and red sandstone.

  • Chan Chan: An ancient adobe city surrounded by the dry desert sands, unique with its pyramids, royal palaces, and adobe architecture.

  • Salinas de Maras: The oldest salt mine in the world, with a history of over a thousand years and more than 3,000 salt ponds. Tourists often visit to take photographs and purchase high-quality salt as souvenirs.

  • Cordillera Blanca: The Cordillera Blanca mountain range, a paradise for mountain climbers, known for its turquoise glacial lakes. Additionally, it offers activities such as hiking, biking, and camping along the lakeshores for relaxation.



  • The Café Apartment: A 9-story building, each floor featuring coffee shops, restaurants, and clothing stores. Stop by for a cup of tea and enjoy the delightful and trendy atmosphere.

  • BaNa Hill: Take the world's longest and highest cable car to reach this complex resort. The highlight is the Golden Bridge, a bridge with giant hands cradling it made of wood.

  • Ha Long Bay: A stunning seascape with alternating limestone islands and islets, surrounded by the emerald waters of the Gulf of Tonkin.

  • Mui Ne: The Vietnamese seaside resort town known for its white sand dunes, the largest in size, and adjacent freshwater lagoons.

  • Sapa: A mountainous town with a cool climate throughout the year, suitable for family vacations.

  • Ban Gioc Waterfall: Considered one of the most beautiful waterfalls globally, ranking fourth in size worldwide. It is situated on the border between China and Vietnam.



  • Merlion Park: The iconic landmark of Singapore, featuring the Merlion, a mythical creature with the body of a fish and the head of a lion, spouting water.

  • Gardens by the Bay: Highlighted by the Super Trees, artificial trees adorned with colorful lights and sound effects, creating a spectacular view, especially at night.

  • Clarke Quay: A bustling area filled with restaurants, chill-out spots, and a riverside view for a leisurely stroll, creating a laid-back atmosphere.

  • Universal Studios Singapore: An exciting amusement park with thrilling rides, captivating shows, and famous characters that we are familiar with.

  • Siloso Beach: A famous beach with a variety of activities, including swimming, kayaking, or simply sunbathing while enjoying the view of the azure sea and neatly lined coconut trees.

  • Fort Canning Park: A chic public park with winding pathways resembling tunnels, adorned with trees, and a popular photography spot for tourists.



  • Macau Tower: The iconic landmark of Macau, offering a 360-degree view of the city from a height of 223 meters. The top of the tower hosts numerous challenging high-altitude activities.

  • Senado Square: A square surrounded by restaurants, shops, and European-style architecture. It has been registered as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

  • The Venetian Macau: The largest casino complex in Macau, inspired by the city of Venice. Inside, there are shopping malls, restaurants, and numerous well-known brand stores.

  • Taipa Village: A preserved village showcasing original architecture with colorful pastel buildings. It's an artsy street providing plenty of delightful photo opportunities.

  • Kun Iam Statue: A statue of the goddess Kun Iam situated in the middle of the sea, symbolizing mercy and compassion.

  • Macau Fisherman’s Wharf: A European-style entertainment center featuring a museum showcasing the history of navigation and fishing, along with restaurants, hotels, and plenty of picturesque photo spots.



  • The Great Wall of China: One of the Seven Wonders of the World, stretching over 20,000 kilometers, covering multiple provinces in China.

  • Forbidden City: Also known as the Palace Museum, a historic imperial palace with a long history dating back to the Ming Dynasty.

  • The Terracotta Warriors and Horses: The mausoleum of Emperor Qin Shi Huang in Xi'an, registered as a UNESCO World Heritage site. It houses clay sculptures of soldiers, horses, and chariots, representing the imperial guard on their journey to the afterlife.

  • The Oriental Pearl Tower: Located along the river, offering a 360-degree view of Shanghai.

  • Zhouzhuang: An ancient water town known as the "Venice of the East," surrounded by canals and well-preserved historic buildings.

  • Zhangjiajie National Forest Park: The first natural heritage site in China, famous for its stunning landscapes that inspired the creation of the movie "Avatar." About 98% of the park is covered by pristine forests, earning it the nickname "Land of Pure Wilderness.



  • Male: The smallest capital city in the world, with a peculiar and bustling atmosphere. It features seaside resorts ranging from budget to high-end.

  • Grand Friday Mosque Male: A mosque in Male where up to 5,000 people can gather for Friday prayers.

  • Vaavu Atoll Island: An island known for its 30 dive spots, ranked as the top 1 among the world's dive sites.

  • Ihuru Island: A private island known for having the best diving school in the Maldives.

  • Meemu Atoll Island: An island with a complete and well-preserved ecosystem. It is a favorite stop for tourists and is renowned as one of the most beautiful islands in the Maldives.

  • Fihalhohi Island: A romantic and beautiful island, perfect for honeymooners. It is surrounded by white sandy beaches, lined with coconut trees, and has crystal-clear blue waters.



  • Balat: The vibrant Balat district, an area full of lively colors and unique charm. It is filled with colorful houses and charming structures that are a photographer's delight.

  • Topkapi Palace: Renowned for its beauty and opulence, Topkapi Palace is one of the most famous palaces globally, registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was once the residence of Ottoman sultans for over three centuries.

  • Grand Bazaar: The largest market in Istanbul, offering a shopping haven with over 4,000 shops.

  • Pamukkale: The travertine terraces of Pamukkale, a stunning natural wonder with cascading white terraces formed by mineral-rich thermal waters. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a symbol of natural and cultural significance.

  • Hierapolis Pamukkale: An ancient city with a semi-circular Greek amphitheater, representing one of the beautiful historical sites in Turkey.

  • Cappadocia: The city of Cappadocia, known for its beautiful and surreal landscapes with floating hot air balloons filling the sky. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, recognized for its natural and cultural significance in Turkey.



  • Museum of Islamic Art: The largest museum of Islamic art, with a distinctive architecture. Inside, it is filled with numerous beautiful artworks, ceramics, and textiles for visitors to admire.

  • Qatar State Mosque: The national mosque of Qatar, also the largest. It serves as a spiritual center and is a significant landmark of the country.

  • Doha Sports City: A venue for national and international sports competitions, featuring a large stadium, luxurious malls, hotels, a sports medical center, and the green space of Aspire Park.

  • Katara Culture Village: A cultural village that showcases arts and culture in Qatar, hosting events and exhibitions throughout the year.

  • Souq Waqif: The traditional market exuding the charm of Qatar, bustling with shops, art streets, street food, and original architecture on both sides of the street.

  • The Pearl Qatar: An island created by land reclamation, designed in the shape of a pearl. It is filled with luxurious hotels, private villas, malls, and a shopping center in the middle of the sea.



  • Red Square: The central square of Moscow, a venue for various activities. It allows one to admire the beauty of architecture and the surrounding atmosphere on special occasions.

  • Arbat Street: Arbat Street is an old street that has now become a bustling pedestrian street. It is filled with art, souvenir shops, cafes, and theaters.

  • Izmailovsky: A famous market selling a variety of goods, including fresh produce, dried goods, beverages, and adorable souvenirs. Additionally, there is a public park where people can enjoy sunbathing in the summer.

  • Peterhof: A summer palace designed with a blend of classical and Renaissance art. It features opulent reception rooms, fountains, and beautiful sculptures, with a total of up to 150 fountains.

  • Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood: Also known as the Church of the Resurrection of Christ, it took over 24 years to construct. The interior is adorned with exquisite art, and the mosaic patterns on the exterior are impressive and captivating.

  • GUM: GUM is a historic department store located in the Red Square area. Its entire roof is made of glass, allowing natural light to illuminate the interior.

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