A new gateway to Thailand is now ready to welcome visitors from all over the world
December 12, 2023


A new gateway to Thailand is now ready to welcome visitors from all over the world


The Midfield Satellite 1 (SAT-1)

Suvarnabhumi International Airport (BKK) is considered an important international airport of Thailand. Since commencing operations in 2006, it has served as a primary gateway welcoming visitors from around the globe. The number of passengers continuously increased, surpassing the airport's design capacity, which led to the initiation of the Suvarnabhumi Airport Development Project Phase 2.

The Midfield Satellite 1 (SAT-1) has 28 contact gates, eight of which can accommodate Code F aircraft, such as A380 and B747-8, and 20 others for Code E aircraft, such as B-747 and A340. It is a four-storey building with two underground floors. Covering the area of approximately 251,400 square metres, it will expand the airport’s annual passenger handling capacity from 45 million to 60 million.

Connection between SAT-1 and the Main Terminal Building

SAT-1 is connected to the Main Terminal Building (MTB) via a tunnel of eight tracks, about one kilometre long. Of these tracks,

  • four house the APM system to transport passengers between the buildings;
  • two are for the Baggage Handling System and the Explosive Detection System to transport baggage from MTB to SAT-1; and
  • the other two for service roads.

SAT-1’s structure:  

A four-storey building housing

4F  Passenger lounges, airlines’ lounges, and others.

3F  Departure Level, waiting areas for open-gate boarding, and commercial spaces along the walkways

2F  Arrival Level and areas for connecting flights

GF Baggage Handling System (BHS) and office spaces

Two underground floors housing

B2 Automated People Mover Station (APM Station) with four platforms

B1 Operation system rooms

APM Trains
Automated, electric-powered, driverless trains with rubber tyres will be used to transport passengers between the two buildings. The total travel time, including the waiting time at the station, is about three minutes. Each train can accommodate up to 210 passengers per trip.


SAT-1 has a full-range of facilities which come together with the universal design. The facilities include smart toilets, waiting benches equipped with USB ports, baby care room, meditation rooms, and muslim prayer rooms.

The Unique Aspects of Thainess

SAT-1 was designed to complement MTB. Sustainable design principles were incorporated to enhance energy efficiency by utilising natural light. The interior design seamlessly blends architecture with Thai art, enhancing the contemporary structure, Each floor is decorated differently. For instance, the 3'd floor is adorned with Himmapan creatures, while the 2nd floor features a mobile garden reflecting Thai cultures. Additionally, the toilets showcase beautiful representations of each region.

Contact Information

AOT Contact Center


Suvarnabhumi Medical Clinic


Suvarnabhumi Airport Security Control Centre


Suvarnabhumi Airport Security Control Centre The Midfield Satellite 1 (SAT-1)


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Suvarnabhumi Airport Tourist Police


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Suvarnabhumi Airport Police Station

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Suvarnabhumi Airport Transportation Centre (Bus Terminal)


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Suvarnabhumi Airport Passenger Control Customs Bureau

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