10 Chinese Cultural Hotels in Thailand
January 17, 2024

This Chinese New Year, we recommend exploring the enchanting atmosphere of Chinese culture by staying at these 10 Chinese-style accommodations in Thailand. These accommodations guarantee comfort and an authentic leisure experience.

Shanghai Mansion Bangkok

Starting with the boutique hotel in Chinese style, it boasts luxurious decoration that transports you to the bygone era of old Shanghai. The interior is uniquely designed, evoking a sense of grandeur. Each room is distinct, equipped with comprehensive amenities, providing a different experience in every space.

Start: 3,000 THB


The Lantern Hatyai Hotel

The accommodation, set in the Chinese-inspired concept in the heart of Hua Hin, is adorned with the essence of Chinese culture in every corner. The decoration, particularly the uniquely designed lanterns, reflects the cultural charm. Beyond its captivating design, the hotel also provides complete amenities, perfect for relaxation. Additionally, it offers trendy photo spots, making it a definite favorite for content creators.

Start: 5,500 THB


AMA Hostel Bangkok

This hostel, crafted from a house with a history spanning over 300 years, has been tastefully renovated into a contemporary Chinese-style accommodation. The decoration emphasizes vibrant colors and standout materials, creating a beautiful and modern atmosphere. At the bottom, there's a café where you can enjoy a cup of coffee amidst a Chinese-inspired ambiance, adding to the overall charm of this stylish accommodation.

Start: 800 THB


Hotel Des Artists, Ping Silhouette

The beauty of Modern Chinoiserie Design seamlessly blends Chinese culture with Western elements, creating a distinctive and unparalleled identity. Inside the rooms, every convenience is thoughtfully provided, making it especially suitable for a relaxing holiday. Additionally, you can enjoy breathtaking views of nature and a charming atmosphere right in the heart of Chiang Mai city.

Start: 3,500 THB


Sino House Phuket Hotel

Immerse yourself in the charm of Chino-Portuguese style, where every detail of decoration, design, and the building itself is uniquely crafted to invite everyone to visit. The Chinese-inspired decor creates an ambiance that makes you feel like you're relaxing in a foreign country. Importantly, the location is still conveniently close to many popular tourist attractions.

Start: 1,500 THB


O’nya Phuket Hotel

The boutique hotel, adorned with a blend of modernity and Chino-Portuguese style, comes with a unique concept of Phuket 24 hours. Even after a full day of exploring Phuket, upon returning to the accommodation, you continue to experience the essence of Phuket until you retire for the night.

Start: 1,000 THB


The Memory at On On Hotel

This centrally located white-themed accommodation in Phuket embraces a European design infused with the charm of the local culture, creating a harmonious blend. The emphasis on white tones provides a clean and relaxing ambiance. The spacious interior of the rooms avoids any sense of congestion, and with a budget-friendly price, it is perfect for a truly comfortable and leisurely stay.

Start: 2,500 THB


CLOUD on Saladaeng Silom Hostel Bangkok

This boutique-style hostel, resembling a slice of China, is nestled in the heart of Yaowarat, the Chinatown of Bangkok. Beyond its beautiful and charming decorations, it reflects the culture of the Chinese residents who have made Thailand their home, blending seamlessly with the surrounding atmosphere. This makes it a highly favored accommodation for numerous travelers.

Start: 1,500 THB


Shangri-La Bangkok

Experience the luxury along the Chao Phraya River with this 5-star++ hotel, where every detail is meticulously crafted to make your stay extraordinary. The opulent Chinese-style decor sets an elegant ambiance, complemented by full-service amenities and impeccable service that will leave a lasting impression on you and your loved ones.

Start: 8,000 THB


Ba Hao Residence

Embrace classic elegance in the form of a boutique residence, featuring only two rooms. Undoubtedly, this enchanting haven is adorned with beautiful decor, blending wooden tones that capture the vintage essence of the building and atmosphere. Offering a unique and extraordinary accommodation experience, this gem is not only centrally located but also provides convenient access to transportation.

Start: 4,000 THB

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